Defensible Space Clearing in San Diego County and Beyond

What is Defensible Space Clearing?

Starting at $2,500/Day

In San Diego for large rural land we often like to manage for an Oak Savanna ecosystemas they are some of the most economically productive and they can support a wide variety of species (more and more economics and environmental considerations will go hand in hand, especially as it becomes more doable to monetize ecosystem credits).

Fuels reduction involves reducing the amount and altering the type of fuel (vegetation) available for wildfires. By reducing fuel quantity, size, and continuity alongside regular maintenance and treatment, the fire risk on your property is reduced significantly.

Defensible Space is a critical concept in wildfire management and refers to the carefully managed area surrounding a structure or any other potential fuel source. The aim is to meticulously reduce the risk of wildfire damage by implementing various strategies around vegetation management such as creating fuel breaks, which can augment fire-resistant construction practices.