Premiere Forestry Mulching in San Diego County and Beyond!

Creating fire resilient landscapes while improving ecological function


Our Process - Starting at $2,800/Day

We'll come to your property to evaluate the work that needs to be done and provide you with an estimate that meets your needs and budget.

After you approve the estimate, our large, dedicated forestry mulcher (FTX128L) will get the job done fast and efficiently! Saving you time and money.

Throughout this process, we will perform constant spot checks to ensure our equipment is working properly and our team is efficient.

Once we finish, we will evaluate the work done to sure that you are completely satisfied and your property is fully protected from wildfires.


We work with homeowners with anywhere from 1 to 100 acres to both reduce fire risk as well as beautify landscapes.

Rural Properties

Large ranches and rural properties are particularly at risks for wildfires, we work with ranches of any size to create a fire-resilience to protect and enhance your assets. We use this equipment extensively on our own ranches.

Government Agencies

We create fire breaks, safe areas, and maintain land that belongs to government agencies, including State and National Forests land.

CalFire Private Vendor

Our top-tier equipment and expertise are recognized by CalFire, a testament to our commitment to providing reliable and effective solutions in the management of fire.

Ecologically Minded

Use of our forestry mulching tools is influenced by our expertise in ecological best management practices. We work to apply this Fecon tractor and the various attachments in a way that promotes land health.

Forest Service Private Vendor

As approved vendors for the US Forest Service, we're proud to contribute to the preservation of our nation's forests through our specialized fire defense equipment and services.

Our Primary Service Areas

But for the right job, we can service all of Southern California and beyond


Harness the power of our Dedicated Forestry Mulching Machine, a formidable piece of equipment specifically designed for large-scale land clearing tasks. Capable of clearing multiple acres within a single day, this machine is a testament to efficiency, ensuring significant time and cost savings for you. Beyond its rapid tree and brush elimination capabilities—where it can reduce unwanted growth to mulch within moments—it's built with a keen focus on property preservation. Its precision-driven mechanics allow it to weave through your land with the utmost care, ensuring that only undesired vegetation is targeted.

While its robust size and formidable capabilities mean it may not be suited for tighter spaces, such as a small suburban backyard, the overwhelming advantages it brings in terms of efficiency, speed, and the quality of the finished product are undeniable. When you weigh the pros against the cons, it's clear that our forestry mulcher stands out as an invaluable asset for comprehensive land clearing projects.

Comparing our advanced forestry mulcher to a traditional skid-steer highlights a stark difference in performance and results. While skid-steers have their place, our forestry mulcher drastically outpaces them in daily clearing capacity. The efficiency of our machine means it can handle vast tracts of land in less time, translating directly to tangible cost savings for you. Moreover, the finish produced by our mulcher is superior, offering a cleaner, more refined appearance that requires minimal post-clearing touch-ups. This smooth finish ensures that the land is immediately more usable, be it for construction, agriculture, or landscaping. So, not only do you save initial clearing costs, but the subsequent steps become simpler and more cost-effective. When you factor in time, money, and end-product quality, our forestry mulcher is an unparalleled choice over regular skid-steers.