Forestry Mulching in San Diego County and Beyond

What is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is a land clearing and vegetation management technique that involves using specialized equipment, such as the Fecon FTX 128L tractor with a masticator attachment, to grind, shred, and mulch trees, brush, and other vegetation into a fine, biodegradable material. This process is performed in a single pass, leaving behind a layer of mulch that helps to prevent soil erosion, retain moisture, and suppress future vegetation growth. Rather than removing the trees and vegetation from the property (exporting valuable organic matter/energy), we use our Fecon tractor to grind material in place with minimal disturbance to the soil.

Proactive Approach: Forestry mulching works as an excellent preventative measure to reduce the risk of potential wildfires, aid in vegetative regeneration and increase healthy ecosystems.

Long Term investment: Forestry mulching reduces labor costs, and the reclaimed land can both mitigate and recover the costs of the mulching process.

Safe and Efficient Clearing: This type of mulching is safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and fast. It is easier to maneuver and access spots that are difficult.

We offer forestry mulching services to landowners, developers, and government agencies for various applications, including:

  • Land clearing for construction or development projects
  • Firebreak and wildfire risk reduction
  • Invasive species control and habitat restoration
  • Right-of-way and utility line maintenance
  • Timber stand improvement and selective thinning

The Fecon FTX 128L is a purpose-built, track-mounted mulching tractor that can navigate through rough terrain and dense vegetation. Its masticator attachment, featuring a rotating drum with hardened steel teeth, can efficiently grind and mulch trees and brush up to a certain diameter, depending on the specific model and configuration.

Starting at $2,800/Day